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D3.2 Physico-chemical properties of FPBO – Executive Summary

This deliverable is the second one in a series of deliverables describing the physico-chemical properties of fast pyrolysis bio-oil (FPBO) produced in the project. The first bio-oil batch (D2.2) was provided by BTG and the feedstock was pine. This pine … Continue reading

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D2.3 Delivery of Conditioned FPBO – Executive Summary

Numerous FPBO samples will be send around between the partners over the course of the four-year Residue2Heat project. Sample delivery is a joint task, partners VTT and BTG will supply the consortium with (conditioned) FPBO samples. The sample delivery will … Continue reading

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D 5.1 Compatibility of burner components with FPBO – Executive Summary

All fuel leading parts of a residential heating system have to be compatible with Fast Pyrolysis Bio-oil (FPBO). In scope of Task 5.1 standard burner components used in residential heating appliances have been tested in terms of long term operability … Continue reading

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Oral presentation about Residue2Heat at 25th European Biomass Conference and Exhibition

We are pleased to announce the oral presentation about our project at the 25th EUBCE in Stockholm/SE on June 12-15, 2017. Topic: Renewable Residential Heating with Fast Pyrolysis Bio-oil: Residue2Heat Date: Monday: June 12, 2017 Session code: 2AO.2.3 Abstract no.: … Continue reading

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