BTG BioLiquids B.V.

BTG BioLiquids BV is a private SME company established by BTG in in 2007. BTL is dedicated to the worldwide commercial implementation of the fast pyrolysis technology developed by BTG. BTL has recently designed and constructed the Empyro fast pyrolysis installation in Hengelo, The Netherlands. BTL is the owner of the flash pyrolysis patents related to the rotating cone technology and patents related to the on-line control of water content in the FPBO.

Role in the project

BTL is a SME partner in this project, and will act as an affiliate of BTG. BTL will provide input on the distribution and handling of FPBO. Also, BTL will be involved in the design of the storage and FPBO feeding system as part of the burner system. Practical experience gained with the transport, handling and use of FPBO within the Empyro project will be shared. Furthermore, BTL will work together with MEKU on the Business and Market assessment. The role of BTL will focus on the production cost of FPBO associated with the different feedstocks. For instance, using a residual, high ash containing feedstock may impact the CAPEX and OPEX of the fast pyrolysis unit.