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D 5.1 Compatibility of burner components with FPBO – Executive Summary

All fuel leading parts of a residential heating system have to be compatible with Fast Pyrolysis Bio-oil (FPBO). In scope of Task 5.1 standard burner components used in residential heating appliances have been tested in terms of long term operability … Continue reading

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D8.12 Data Management Plan – Executive Summary

The present document is a deliverable of the Residue2Heat project, which is funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Programme under Grant Agreement 654650. The document presents the first version of the project “Data Management Plan”, describing the implementation measures envisioned to … Continue reading

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D3.1 Physico‐chemical properties of FPBO – Executive Summary

This deliverable is the first one in a series of deliverables describing the physico‐chemical properties of fast pyrolysis bio‐oil (FPBO) produced in the project. The first bio‐oil batch (D2.2) was provided by BTG and the feedstock was pine. This pine bio‐oil (R2H.BTG.2016.001b, … Continue reading

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D2.2 Delivery of conditioned FPBO – Executive Summary

Numerous FPBO samples will be send around between the partners over the course of thefour‐year Residue2Heat project. Sample delivery is a joint task, partners VTT and BTG will supply the consortium with (conditioned) FPBO samples. The sample delivery will be described throughout … Continue reading

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