D2.5 Delivery of conditioned FPBO

Numerous FPBO samples will be sent around between the partners over the course of the four-year Residue2Heat project. Sample delivery is a joint task, the partners VTT and BTG will supply the consortium with (conditioned) FPBO samples. The sample delivery will be described throughout the project in seven deliverables (D2.2 – D2.8) and is connected to Task 2.1. To have a full overview, each deliverable report will be an updated version of the previous one, rather than a new report describing only the delivery in the relevant reporting period. A detailed analysis on the production of FPBO from different biomass and processing conditions will be documented in deliverable D2.1 (due in M26). Details on the analysis resultsof the various samples sent to the project partners will be performed in Task 3.1 and its related deliverables (D3.1-D3.8) which will provide feedback for WP2, and will be employed in WP4 and WP5 in modelling and utilization.

Deliverable 2.5 is marked as public although it will be primarily used for Residue2Heat (internal) uniform documentation of samples and to have a document which other deliverables can use to keep track of the samples.

In the current reporting period (M18-M24), the following samples were sent around:

– 0.5 litre of Forest Residue derived FPBO (pilot plant) from VTT to BTG (October 2017)
– 0.5 litre of Wheat Straw derived FPBO (pilot plant) from VTT to BTG (October 2017)
– 0.5 litre of Sawdust derived FPBO (mini plant) from VTT to BTG (October 2017)

In addition BTG and VTT are using various FPBO samples for their own conditioning research in WP2. Solid samples were sent around in the current reporting period (M18-M24) as well. OWI found solid residues blocking the filters in the fuel feeding line. After discussion during the progress meeting, six samples were sent to VTT for analysis.


D2.5 Delivery of conditioned FPBO
Date: 11/12/2017
Download: here


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