D4.2 Combustion Tests on Surrogate and its compounds

This deliverable is the first of work package WP4 in the Residue2Heat project and it refers to the thermo-physical characterization of Fast Pyrolysis Bio-oil (FPBO) together with a preliminary surrogate definition of FPBO. Objective of this deliverable is the analysis of the physico-chemical characterization of the FPBO oil which was used to obtain the first definition of the surrogate mixture, made on the basis of a limited number of reference components. The chemical structure and mass fraction of each individual component of the surrogate fuel are specified in this deliverable.
Primarily used for the characterization of the FPBO are samples which have produced and documented inside the Residue2Heat project (See deliverables D3.1 and D.3.2). A literature survey allowed to gather the thermodynamic data for the species representative of the different chemical functionalities inside the FPBO oils. The follow up deliverables (especially D4.2) will include the complete description of the combustion tests for the FPBO droplets. However, the present deliverable additionally contains an example of comparison referring to the evaporation of a binary droplet of acetic acid and ethylene glycol, as well as the experimental comparison of the FPBO and surrogate droplet evaporation. The density of the surrogate mixture, as well as the volatility and heating value are also analysed experimentally and in terms of model predictions.


D4.2 Combustion Tests on Surrogate and its compounds
Date: 15/01/2018
Download: here


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