D7.1 Risk and Mitigation Plan – Executive Summary

This Risk and Mitigation Plan (RMP) defines how risks associated with the Residue2Heat project will be identified, analysed, and managed. It outlines how risk management activities will be performed, recorded, and monitored throughout the life time of the project.

Risk identification will involve all consortium members and will include an evaluation of external factors that might hamper or endanger the main goal of the project being the introduction of residential boilers on FPBO to the market. Careful attention will be given to external factors like legislation, financial feasibility (economics), public acceptance etc.

All risks will be assessed on Impact and Probability. The combination of these two will determine which risks will need response planning which may include a risk mitigation and a risk contingency plan. For this purpose, a Risk Management Tool has been made in Excel. This document will be updated throughout the project lifecycle. A Risk Log will be generated based on the Risk Management Tool.


D 5.1 Compatibility of burner components with FPBO
Date: 31/12/2016
Download: here


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