Domestic heat generation with fast pyrolysis bio-oil – Invitation to an European Workshop

The consortium of the European research project “Residue2Heat” cordially invites interested experts to participate in an international workshop on the topic “Generation of space heating with renewable rapid pyrolysis bio-oil”. The workshop is the closing event of the research project “Residue2Heat – Renewable residential heating with fast pyrolysis bio-oil”, which was carried out within the framework of the EU research programme HORIZON 2020. It will take place on 11 December 2019 at the RWTH International Academy in Aachen.


The project consortium presents the most important results of the research project and informs about the experiences regarding the generation of domestic heating with renewable, fast pyrolysis bio-oil. Together with the representatives of the heating industry and their associations, the workshop serves to exchange the latest scientific and technical results between industry, researchers and experts. Challenges and opportunities for the renewable domestic heating sector in Europe will be discussed.

Target group

The workshop addresses industry representatives for renewable building heating and their national and international associations, policy makers, experts from science and research as well as all those interested in renewable building heating in the broadest sense.

Information on the research project

The aim of the EU research project Residue2Heat was to use different streams of biomass residues for domestic heat production. The biomass residues are converted into fast pyrolysis bio-oil (FPBO), which is a 2nd generation biogenic fuel suitable for combustion in domestic heatings. When FPBO is used, greenhouse gas emissions are expected to be between 77 and 95 % lower than those of heating oil, depending on the raw material base. The long-term goal of Residue2Heat is the production of FPBO on the basis of agricultural and forestry biomass residues, which are neither used for food and feed production nor can lead to an indirect land use change.

Registration and programme

Here the detailed program can be found.

The registration takes place by E-Mail to under indication of the full name and the contact data. Please register by 06 December 2019.

Participation in the workshop is free of charge.


The EU research project “Residue2Heat” is funded by the European Union within the framework of the Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under the reference number 654650.