FPBO production from biomass residues

Research activities are ongoing at BTG aiming to produce a standardised quality FPBO from residual (high ash) biomass materials.

In recent months, miscanthus and bark biomass materials have been converted to FPBO. The influence of the pyrolysis process conditions on the product distribution and quality have been determined using a bench-scale (5 kg/h) pyrolysis installation. The pyrolysis pilot plant was used to produce larger quantities of FPBO. Over 300 kg FPBO has been produced from bark, and nearly 500 kg FPBO from miscanthus. The ash collected during the processing was send to UIBK in Austria to investigate the potential recycle of these ashes. The FPBO will be used for further oil conditioning work at BTG as well as burner development work at OWI.

Photographs taken during the FPBO production show:

  1. The bark biomass stored in sealed bigbags to avoid excess moisture in the feedstock;
  2. The miscanthus biomass in the feeding hopper;
  3. The pyrolysis pilot plant, connected to the water removal system on the left hand side;
  4. FPBO after production, with an extractive-rich top layer;
  5. FPBO without extractive-rich top layer.


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