Istituto Motori

The Istituto Motori (IM) was founded in 1940 and it is part of the National Research Council (CNR), the main public research network in Italy. Currently, the staff of the IM is composed of about 80 people (with about 50 researchers) and numerous Master and PhD students, and Post Doc researchers. The research activities at the IM concern the energy conversion and environmental protection. The mission of IM is to improve the basic knowledge of the fundamental physical and chemical processes occurring in energy conversion, engines and environmental impact, to enhance the capability of research applications, to disseminate the research results and, finally, to transfer results by conducting joint projects with Government Agencies and private companies. The pre- and post-graduate training of young researchers is realized by directly involving them in research activities. The dissemination of research results occurs through publication of scientific papers in dedicated international journals, as well as organization of conferences, workshops and seminars. The technology transfer is mainly realized through participation in research projects of national and international level, with the involvement of other research organizations and small, medium and large enterprises, or within consulting activities carried out on specific issues.

Role in the project

IM will study the combustion behavior of single droplets composed by crude and conditioned FPBOs produced in WP2, FPBO surrogate and pure compounds forming the surrogate. The experimental data will permit the analysis of the fundamental combustion properties of the different fuels (evaporation and burning rate, swelling coefficient, microexplosion tendency). Particular emphasis will be dedicated to ignition properties and emissions. Dedicated experimentation will be carried out to tune the droplet model developed by PTM.
IM will contribute to the spray characterization of FPBO sprays by the development and application of optical/laser techniques. Specific techniques will be designed, set up and tested on calibrated sprays at IM laboratory and applied at the lab scale test rig at OWI.