Market opportunities of FPBO based residential heating systems?

The Residue2Heat partners have met each other in Naples for its 2nd General Assembly Meeting in spring 2017 to identify and discuss the latest insights in the context of market opportunities of FPBO based residential heating systems.

There is a consensus throughout Europe that in the age of climate change fossil fuels must be gradually replaced by renewable energy sources. In addition to energy saving measures, it will also be necessary in the future to provide fuels for industry, households and transport. In the field of residential heating a significant contribution to CO2 reduction can be created by accelerating modernization of the predominantly outdated heating systems.

The investigation of the European market for domestic heating oil (DHO) shows that fossil fuel oil is used to a considerable extent, which currently contains a limited amount of regenerative bio-oil FAME). With the use of pyrolysis oil, the regenerative portion in the fuel is to be increased considerably, thereby enabling a customary operating mode of using the heating system, which still allows longtime storage of fuels in an easy way. The following study shows the energy supply situation of the building heating system in Europe and gives an impression of the possibilities and the market opportunities of residential heating systems using the new regenerative liquid fuel FPBO.

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