Our projectpartner BTG-BTL sold their first production plant for sustainable oil

Finland will invest €100 million in several stages in a new and sustainable Dutch technology that makes it possible to produce oil from various waste materials including wood waste.

The initial investment of 25 million euros will be used for the purchase of a single production facility, but the client intends to purchase three more such facilities, bringing the total order to 100 million euros. A striking feature of the order is that the components of the prefab facilities will first be built in the Netherlands and then assembled in Finland on location.

The company in Finland, which is managed by Green Fuel Nordic Oy, will produce 20 million litres of oil per year that will be used for various production facilities in Finland and the Netherlands. The pyrolysis plant will be located next to a sawmill in Lieksa, approximately six hours by car to the north of Helsinki. The waste sawdust from the sawmill serves as raw material for the oil production, and the steam released as a result is used sustainably for the internal plant processes. The pyrolysis plant is expected to open in 2020.

BTG-BTL Press release: https://www.btg-btl.com/en/company/news/news/article?id=134