Residue2Heat project partners met in Aachen for our General Assembly

Fruitful discussions with a side of sunny weather

Sunshine and interesting scientific discussions came together at the Residue2Heat General Assembly Autumn 2016 Meeting held at the Department for Industrial Furnaces and Heat Engineering of the RWTH Aachen University in Germany, on September 7-8, 2016. The principle Residue2Heat scientists met to discuss and learn about the developments of the project’s first half year. These meetings are extremely important to foster collaboration among all partners.

General Assembly Meeting Aachen


1st day: General Assembly, work package presentations and working dinner

Our first General Assembly Meeting was opened with a welcome of the Residue2Heat project coordinator and host Professor Herbert Pfeifer (IOB, RWTH-Aachen University). All WP leaders informed the Residue2Heat team about their tasks, aims, work progress and key issues of their groups.

WP1 on Coordination has done a good job andour website is up and running and first input is already being uploaded.
WP2 on FPBO Production and Oil Conditioning has produced a number of FPBOs which have been supplied to the project partners for further analysis.
WP3 on Standardization and Quality determined several properties of the produced FPBO in WP2 relevant for other WPs.
WP4 on Single Droplet Combustion, Atomization and Modelling has made good progress in the development of models and measurements of FPBO spray and combustion.
WP5 on Development and Optimization of FPBO Fired Burner for Residential Heating took big steps in the development of a lab-scale burner for the combustion of pyrolysis oil.
WP6 on Socio-economic and environmental Impacts main focus is to check of national laws in key countries with respect to the use of FPBO.

Once the work package discussions were over, we met for a well-deserved dinner open for individual discussions at the nice authentic restaurant “Am Knipp” in the city centre of Aachen.

2nd day: Work package presentations and lab tour

The second day started with a welcome by the technical coordinator Roy Hermanns followed by presentations on business management and communication and dissemination.

WP7 on Business and Market Assessment and Risk Management has presented some interesting results in the assessment of business and market development and risks management for pyrolysis oil.
WP8 on Communication, Dissemination and Exploitation of results and data management is progressing well, having delivered their first deliverables in June.

The official part of the meeting was closed just before lunch. After lunch, our host Prof. Pfeifer offered the opportunity for an interesting  lab tour for furnace development studies.

Summarizing this two days meeting:

  • Established internal communication channels
  • Technical progress is well on track; as planned
  • Highlight was the labscale burner running with pyrolysis oil
  • Communication between partners is going very well
  • Our next General Assembly Meeting will be hosted at Istituto Motori in Napels/Italy by Patrizio Massoli in spring 2017
WP Presentations Labtour