Residue2Heat Spring 2017 General Assembly meeting takes place in Naples

We are pleased to announce that the next meeting will take place in Naples/IT on February 8-10, 2017.

Thanks to our partners Raffaella Calabria and Patrizio Massoli from the Istituto Motori at the National Research Council, we have been invited to a visit at their Applied Physics Laboratory. Check out details on the lab below!

We look forward to get inspired by the upcoming meeting to further plan the tasks and strategic developments for 2017.

Applied Physics Lab of Istituto Motori – Napels

In the Applied Physics Lab of Istituto Motori – National Research Council of Italy, the activities are mainly focused on the characterisation of combustion, fuels and pollutants by means of optical diagnostics. In this general framework, the activities are dedicated to study renewable fuels and to develop ad-hoc optical diagnostics. In Residue2Heat Project, the activities concern both the fundamental search themes of the Lab. Part of the research will concern the study of the combustion behaviour of single droplets composed by crude and conditioned Fast pyrolysis Bio Oils (FPBO), FPBO surrogate and pure compounds forming the surrogate. The experimental database so formed will be used as feedback for the optimisation/tuning of processes as well as to form the data base for the development of combustion models of FPBO. The development and application of ad-hoc laser techniques is the other item foreseen in Residue2Heat. In particular, the aim is to set up a laser diagnostics able to characterise sprays of FPBO with high accuracy.